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I was once embarrassed about liking beautiful things. In the midst of my teenage existential angst, fretting over appearances struck me as horribly shallow. And I was canyon deep, dang it! So that’s when I retreated to my Fortress of Solitude. It looked a lot like an alcove in the family basement...
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Why The Razor’s Edge is still so appealing…. Recently a good friend of mine recommended that I read The Razor’s Edge and so I picked it up on my way to Lenox, Massachusetts.  Once I began to read the book, I was hooked as I found it to be a great story about the meaning of life. Unlike the popular...
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Stephen Hawking’s new book, The Grand Design declares that God did not create the universe or rather that God is not necessary for the big bang to inflate.  As a spiritual person and a fairly intelligent student of science I find that I am offended by his conclusion.   To dismiss the idea of a...
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This is my simple religion.  There is no need for temples, no need for complication.  One's own  mind, one's own heart is the temple, and loving-kindness is the philosophy. - Dalai Lama   I live my life on four philosophies:  1: Always speak to a person as if the words I'm saying may be the...
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As many of you will know by now, a major concern in my writing is “meaning.” Now of course, this does not necessarily come through in any individual piece of writing: rather, there may be little bits here, little bits there, but over the years I have obviously developed some kind of philosophy of...