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Recently, I ran across Jordan Young, the Arts & Entertainment critic at Examiner.com. He attended my book-signing event at the Orange County Branch of the California Writer’s Club at the Orange Public Library & History Center. We originally met at a previous Cinecon...
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The 58-key upright piano, actor and vocalist Dooley Wilson used to play As Time Goes By in Casablanca, is up for auction at Sothebys this weekend. It’s estimated worth is $1.2 million. That figure is expected rise once it become available. The movie prop was used in key...
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One of the popular exotic actors from Hollywood’s Studio Era has died. Turhan Bey was the son of a Turkish diplomat and a Czechoslovakian Jewish mother. Born in Vienna, after the annexation of Austria to Nazi Germany, his family emigrated to the US in 1940. He was  discovered by talent...
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THANK YOU to ShowMag.com for a home page spotlight, and a really favorable review of Son of Forgotten Hollywood Forgotten History. Here’s what reviewer Ben Miles wrote: First there was Forgotten Hollywood Forgotten History. It was a thin but readable study of character actors from cinema’s...
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Rick Blaine will be getting plenty of attention this month. Humphrey Bogart’s timeless character in Casablanca wil re-emerge on the big screen for a nationwide salute to the anniversary of arguably the greatest movie ever produced. Turner Classic Movies in conjunction with NCM Fathom Events will...
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  SON OF FORGOTTEN HOLLYWOOD FORGOTTEN HISTORY has been printed, and is officially in gift stores, bookshops, and other locales for you to purchase. SON OF FORGOTTEN HOLLYWOOD FORGOTTEN HISTORY is the long anticipated sequel to my award-winning book, and telling more rarely shared American...