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To propose the existence of abundance at a time when so many people are discouraged and overwhelmed might appear to be a hard sell. But that’s exactly what John McKnight and Peter Block effectively do and nurture through their wonderful book The Abundant Community: Awakening the...
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More than a week ago, I spent a final day at the Chautauqua on Mt Madonna learning about what Joseph Campbell called The Return.  Author Peter Block and Mt. Madonna School teacher Ward Maillard teamed with other facilitators to effect change in the way we approach problems in our work and in our...
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High on a redwood-flanked ridge top overlooking nearly all of Monterey Bay and Santa Cruz county, Mt. Madonna School and Conference Center are hosting a Chautauqua on learning and leadership.  There is a palpable sense of inquiry, positive regard and respect for what is possible.    "How do...
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I I'm not where I was yesterday. This is a condition to be wished, believe me.  I left home and wandered off to the northeast a bit and found myself in the company of people who are thinking about deep stuff high on a mountain top.  And they're not getting paid to do it.  As a matter of fact, they'...