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Yes. Once they know a stickler's particular grammatical peeve, they go out of their way to twist the knife. Not, we hope, literally. (Cartoon pilfered from the Candorville daily comic strip by the insightful --literally-- Darrin Bell) -- Earl Merkel
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We all have pet peeves and I can personally attest to having many.  Fingernail biting, loud chewing, public nose blowing, bad manners—the list is long.  However, preeminent among these are people who are slowly and haphazardly destroying the English Language.  Their strategy is born...
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Ran into some of my favorite rude behavior at the grocery store today. Much of it centers on the parking lot, like people walking as though they're unaware that cars also use the lot.  What is that machine, they ask themselves with open mouth wonder after exiting their vehicle, gazing at a car...
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It's not Festivus, but today is the airing of my grievances. Why are the drones never consulted about a change, when the outcome will ultimately affect said drones? If you want to drive faster than me (and that's pretty fast, considering my  legendary lead foot), can you leave a little space...
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I don’t expect guys to be good about replacing the roll of toilet paper when it’s empty but I do expect women.  I think it is the height of laziness to use the last sheet and not change the roll.  Come on, they are right there (20 of them) on the shelf above the toilet (at work). ...
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Almost every book I read now contains the phrase “nowhere to be found” as in, “Jack stepped through the broken door and called Janet’s name. When she didn’t answer, he searched the house. She was nowhere to be found.” Besides being trite and passive, the phrase is patently ridiculous. All we know...
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Complete Care for Your Aging Cat has been Kindle-ized! The Kindle-ized kitten book met with great success, and I expect no less from the “mature” version. This updated, revised version of the award-winning Complete Care for Your Aging Book (NAL) provides all the must-knows of caring for your mature...
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The month of November had me running , and I'm still playing catch-up. First, the BIG NEWS-- I've a new book contract! This is a breed book on the American Pit Bull Terrier, and is due January 1st, so I'm typing like the wind to meet  my deadline. I spent the weekend before Thanksgiving in White...
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How the hell does she swing from the drapes? Why in doGs name did he roll in dead fish—and then share by rubbing clean against my socks? Does shedding itch? Is that cute innocent look for real, or just an act? I'm passionate about pets. I never stop thinking about them. For more than twenty years...
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This is sort of a new pet peeve of mine, and one that I am curious if anyone else has had similar experiances. I have noticed a certain public perception, not with everyone mind you but there are a select few that don't seem to fathom the concept of freelance work. On occasion I do randomly get...