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January 17     IN THE COMFORT OF MY ROOM   I sit and panic concerning the future.  I have come through hell, built a safe and satisfying life, but it will all end soon.  I can feel it.  The tide rises in my soul, the blood red tide of self-doubt and degradation. ...
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On the sixth and final Book and a Chat about bullying I am pleased to have Kaitlin Bevis as a guest. The past five shows have covered many aspect of bullying from across all ages and I hope the shows have helped a few people along the way. Indeed I know from an email I received after one show they...
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  January 17     Hades         There is a strangeness to the dark.  A velvety comfort when my paranoia is not alive with ice crystals and contempt.  Cocoons of light create hives of life in an otherwise isolating phenomena.  Pressing to my skin I...
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The Sleepers (pictured in the blog below a HUGE empty space) is a picture that long reminded me of Heidegger's Glasses.  But only a perceptive question by Audra at  http://unabridged-expression.blogspot.com/2010/11/interview-with-thaisa-... got me to think about the picture. I'd never been able...
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On roaring rain-drenched winds sweeping worn out Winter away, scouring shingle shores & mulching underbrush readying for Spring fever. Now Bald Eagles fly in & settle on budding Alders around headlands along the only road to the end of the earth. Here they await the feast of Anadramous...