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     A lot of people are home schooling these days. I suppose it's because they don't want to expose their child to 'worldly' influences or maybe it’s because they’re afraid their child will be 'bullied'. Maybe they were bullied or had a miserable school...
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     After last night's debate I'm even more skeptical of Rick Perry's chances of winning a general election. Referring to social security as a 'ponzi' scheme is potical suicide and reconfirms my opinion that he is not that bright. In addition, he is a 'career politician'...
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     It really bugs me when people get into the voting booth and have no idea 'what' or 'who' they are voting for. A lot of people vote down party lines and haven't a clue what a particular candidate 'may' or 'may not'  stand for.  In many cases they have never even...
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     Republicans must be shaking in their boots. They are trying to talk themselves into believing they have a strong field of candidates but are desperately latching onto Rick Perry, Michelle Bachman and Mitt Romney as viable to win against Obama in 2012. In the meantime they...