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We're facing the worst kind of cynicism and hypocrisy here at work.  No, the results are not the worse and in life's general systems, the results are minor but they display the perverse thoughtless thinking that permeates our modern existence.  In a weird way, it reflects the structure of...
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I received my performance review the day before yesterday. As expected, it left me confused and a bit demoralized.  My manager wrote a glowing review, you know, that sort of walks on water without splashing narrative, and I received a high rating. After I received this rating, I pondered the...
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The numbers are very important.  They're the results.  What we do in our work doesn't matter if we don't have results.   The numbers don't lie.  They speak truth if we can understand their language.   Of course, the numbers aren't timely.   We wrote our annual...
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Ah, today's work day will begin shortly. Top of my life, as dictated by management, is my 2012 performance report.  Because, you know, psychologists and other experts will tell you, performance reports are very accurate, and a good way to build morale. See, we begin writing about how well we...