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I am not sure I’d like to have a little chat with Mona Lisa or want her to wave out to me like some movie star. This is not about purity in art but about purity in ways of seeing. Rather than humanising, it becomes robotic. Beijing’s Alive Gallery is doing just that. It has got a whole series of...
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One of the themes of my book, Torn by God: A Family's Struggle with Polygamy, is that people who are in the position of speaking for God are in a position of great power. They get to say what reality is not only in this life, but in the next as well. The code we use to make decisions about what is...
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1.  When you have a writing project to do, a thousand distractions suggest themselves.       Now you must write the story of the thousand distractions. 2. Weeds are flowers that grow too easily. 3.  The reason most people abhor silence is that it forces them to listen to themselves.  
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Just as we were about to touch the ground, the aircraft made a huge rumbling sound. The passengers had already begun to fidget in preparation - a quick run of comb, mobile phones ready to be switched on, newspapers rumpled and pushed into seat pockets. Before anything could register we were up in...
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Rant alert. I’ve worked some pretty long hours over the years in my job. 80-90 hours a week was not unusual for a very long time and there have been times in our life where, to make ends meet, I have held down 4 jobs at the same time. The thing is, I have never claimed that I worked harder than...
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Remember being a child, always being told to be quiet or that’s not the way it happens?  What time line do you give life the right for things to be seen through your own eyes!  As we get older, we gain experience, build character.  Thinking that you finally can see life through adult eyes them BLAM...
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Polymorphic Perception of the Fourth Dimension State Understanding the interactive levels of fourth dimension. For most people this will be a very difficult subject to grasp for the simple fact that it focuses on a topic that steps outside of our now state of awareness in third dimension to...
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How We See Our World   The world we live in is what we think it is; this means we can stay focused on as many negative things and hardships as there are in the world, or we can focus on God’s vision of the world, which is the wonderful world it could be. Sometimes we make false assumptions...
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Once, when I discovered some people finding it difficult to comprehend a poem I had written, it set me thinking. At that time a line had come to mind: His shadow loomed over my naked body.What could this mean? Several things, mainly the obvious. But for me it was a simple reality...I was in the...
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I was speaking to someone who recently read a study regarding the influence of expectation on the performance of students and teachers in grade school. Three teachers were selected for the study and they were told that in the coming year that they would be receiving students who were gifted....