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A few days ago I read an article by Sunny Yang entitled "China easing one-child policy amid elderly boom," published in USA TODAY.  Interestingly, shortly after the article appeared, several others were published that claimed that the policy had little impact on the China's long...
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I post this the photojournal by X every anniversary.   This year, 2012, My father hungers all the more for the voices of dissent via New Tang Dynasty Televison online, and his nightmares returns to the time of his escape in 1947, just a half-a-step ahead of the encroaching Communists....
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Between September 2004 and July 2005, my wife and I lived and worked in Shanghai. It was an experience I’ll never duplicate, no matter how long I may live. I was on sabbatical from my high school in South Jersey, where I teach English. When I first announced to my classes that I was going to the...