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Maybe someone can help me with this. For over 50 years I have heard quotes from other countries saying things about the United States. Here are a few of what is being said hence my problem. Why are statements being said accusing the US of everything from corruption to nuclear blackmail? Has the U....
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The United States is, once again, at the precipice of all-out war, and, if the Pentagon, the Republicans, and the military-industrial monolith have their way, Afghanistan may become another Iraq or Vietnam. One can only hope that President Obama knows his history and will refuse to repeat its...
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  President Obama, the First Lady and White House staff observe a moment of silence. Image Credit: White House Photo, Chuck Kennedy, 9/11/09Obama's Socialist Re-Branding Of 9/11 Remembrance On the morning of September 11, 2001, four passenger jets were hijacked by islamo-fascist terrorists in...
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Full disclosure: This piece was written immediately after the Abu Ghraib story broke. It was meant for an anthology on America and torture but never published.  Think its a good moment to share it what with the new torture memos being released: Pentagon says response to controversial ad...
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 Osama bin Laden has been keeping up with George W. Bush's approval ratings. In a new audiotape released today, the former freedom fighter commented that 75% of the American people are ready for a new president. I think it's safe to say, too, that the American people are also ready for a new...