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It wasn't an addiction in the beginning. It was an idea. I had just seen the mini series about John and Abigail Adams and had read some of the background material about their letters, those personal and intimate letters. That is how it began. There was a little stationery in my cache of goods and...
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Now that most schools have opted to do away with cursive writing instruction, the torment formally known as penmanship, I find myself ruminating on the implications. I wrote my first novel longhand....for no other reason than that, at that time, I hadn't learned how to type.  By the third revision...
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Do you have a relationship with your handwriting?  I've had a an interesting friendship with mine.  I think about this almost every time that I write in my paper journal. I've noticed that my penmanship has suffered some from my addiction to the keyboard... and so has my spelling. Some of my...