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Frustrated with Amazon (they took a month to post the photo of my book cover, The Love That Moves Me, then they listed the new book as "temporarily out of stock" for a month), I said to my husband, "If I were Toni Morrison, I wouldn't be having these problems with Amazon." My husband, a practical...
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Born in Tahiti, Pele is the Hawaiin Goddess of fire, lightning, volcanoes, dance, and violence. Landing first at Ni'ihau, then Kauai, Pele moved down the chain of islands in order of their geological formation, eventually landing on the Big Island's Mauna Loa. As a word in the Hawaiian language her...
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I've been consorting with gods and goddesses during my teaching leave this spring.  No, I'm not certifiable.  I find a shimmer of divinity and archetypal movement in many of my writer friends.  What I don't find, I invent.  I listen for whispered conversations, for love notes between Orpheus and...