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The other day I made lentil soup only I didn’t add any seasonings other than salt and later other vegetables.  I’ve come to accept that I like lentils best simmered in salted water with lots of garlic cloves. When I began, I poured the lentils into the strainer to sift through and take out the...
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Remember that strand of tinsel I mentioned, I'm pretty sure, a couple years ago?  Well it's still there, tangled in the birch tree, flapping and glittering among the dry leaves and catkins.  It's the first thing I see when I look up from my laptop at this bare branches time of year....
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http://blog.bestamericanpoetry.com/the_best_american_poetry/2011/09/a-co...September 23, 2011   A Conversation between Brian Bouldrey & Jane Hirshfield, Pt. 3   photo (c) Robert Hatch Photography (Ed. note:  This is the final installment of Brian Bouldrey's three-part interview...
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Went to the beach yesterday afternoon.  Walked for miles along the sand.  The tide was going out, flocks of grey gulls with red beaks stood watching the breakers and hustled off slowly when we approached.  I was scavenging too.  I found a dozen empty crab shells, lined up in...
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Sun, sun. sun, sheening everything, and by everything I mean the spider webs in the otherwise unremarkable birch trees at the window on whose ledge I keep some smooth round stones I bring back from the beach.  Nominally they are paperweights; in fact they are un-utilitarian pleasures for hand and...