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Sunlight streams  through through beveled windows~ creating tiny rainbows  that dance across  the dark oak floors. Kitty is curled in the window seat, one eye on the cardinal perched in the dogwood tree calling to his mate. © annettealaine-2013
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Transportation: a vital part of American culture. We live in suburbs, in subdivisions, in houses. Houses that run along streets, avenues, courts. Streets that connect to roads, intersections, highways and interchanges. We travel inside our private soap bubbles; windows closed tight, as the air...
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It's quiet today. I listened to my inner voice and changed course this morning, choosing to spend the day far away from the stress whirlpool that has sucked me in for more than two weeks. I'm spending the day home with my cat and my husband, who is tucked away in his studio working. The silence is...
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Heaven is framed by fifty-foot birch trees, tossed softly in the breeze at the Lake Michigan shore as snlight dapples the forest floor and cormorants skin the cold blue waters. A white frame cabin with a red room sits in a clearing near the bluff, a cedar bench swing weathered to silver nearby....