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The phrase "culture wars" has been popcorning to the surface of the cultural landscape lately, the renewal of a trope from the late eighties and early nineties. Many people are perceiving a re-emergence of the eighties/nineties culture wars, in which art—especially art depicting...
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NORTH HOLLYWOOD, Ca, March 5...At the age of 102, blacklisted screenwriter Art Ostrovsky says he is witnessing something he never thought he would live to see--the overthrow of Capitalism. His rheumy eyes brighten, his crabbed fingers tremble around a glass of vodka. "I waited 80 years for...
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Why aren't there films and plays and books about him, his name on everyone's lips, and kids, especially black kids, wanting to grow up to be like him, that sort of thing. Because, really, he was black and handsome as Sidney Poitier (click image to enlarge), and wrote fine novels like ``The...
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I was selected for the 2009 Jack Straw Writers Program. My project is a recasting of NPR's "This I Believe," conceived by pioneer journalist Edward R. Murrow in 1951. I'll write essays from the perspective of both known and unknown people--dead and alive--including innovative lesbian...