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The last ten years has wrought great change upon the publishing model.  What will the next decade bring? As a twenty-year veteran of the ever-adapting hobby game and computer game market, as a game designer and storyteller with over a hundred titles to my credit, I’ve seen first-hand how...
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I felt guilty enough to realise I could not bring about any radical change. If you need 'artistic' legitimacy for beliefs, then you are just scattered words, a riff, a mute painting. --- I learned my lesson many years ago as I walked out of her hut, her children trailing behind me in the narrow...
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Feminists are in self-denial. They don’t wish to be associated with a stereotype. Fair enough. Then, why can’t we add fresh perspective instead of completely negating the terminology? This has provided a foothold for men. Male feminism goes contrary to women’s empowerment – it is an...
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Bill Clinton isn’t exactly up for auction, but let's stop to think about this business of you-do-me-I-do-you. You've already read that you could spend a day with him in New York if you can dig into your financial reserves and come up with $7,71,000. This is due to the huge debt of $25.2 million...
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I need a patron.   Like Rembrandt or Michelangelo.  Not that I am them.  But maybe they wouldn’t have been them either if they hadn’t had patrons.   And we would have been deprived of The Last Supper and the Sistine Chapel.  I am sure, were I pressed, I could name you dozens of other great painters...