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We are free today? Rubbish. Slaves walk, talk, mock. Kuttey-kaminey, a curse made famous by Bollywood, is a reality. The strays are left to fend for themselves. Base instincts prevail. We threw out the British 62 years ago on August 15 and internalised colonialism. Yes, they unfurled flags today....
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Sunday, August 2, 2009 Hooverfest, West Branch, Iowa, August 1 Yesterday we went to West Branch, Iowa, for the annual Hooverfest. West Branch is the birthplace of Herbert Hoover, 31st president of the U.S., and the last president to steer the country into a profound economic downturn. Perhaps...
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In Armonk, New York, where I was raised, we celebrated the Fourth of July in the most traditional of ways: standing alongside Route 128, the road to Mount Kisco and Main Street all rolled into one, waving little American flags and watching the veterans, the baton twirlers, the volunteer fire...
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Reading the headlines lately about President Obama releasing information about severe interrogation techniques, among which were the more insidious; such as waterboarding, apprarently approved by Ms Rice while in office and having just signed a petition I received from George Soros foundation, I...
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I did not expect to get teary-eyed during Obama's acceptance speech.  If it had only been his words, which were eloquent, resounding, and intelligent, I probably would not have been.  It was so much more.  When the cameras panned over that crowd, young and old, every race and creed imaginable, and...
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  "Patriotism is not pinning a flag pin to one lapel to free up both hands, so you can tear up the U.S. Constitution,"  Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. From newly released, must-see, independent film, "The Warning."  
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The difficulty I have wrapping my head around patriotism is one I sometimes share with other children of immigrants, those whose heritage, like mine, was stamped with the dark face of nationalism, the imprint of a patriotism that believed the country where our forebears were born would be purified...
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     As we approach the seventh anniversary of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks on the U.S., I am reminded of the importance of patriotism.  Not the knee-jerk kind born out of fear and anger; not the wear a flag lapel pin kind that is for too many an empty gesture.  No, I refer to the quiet...
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What is wrong with politics? Ever give it any thought? Better yet, ever meditate on it? When I look at politicians I see conundrum. Some have desires to lead or to rule. Some have desires to facilitate and manage. Many are attracted to fame, power, and money. I see many of them as ordinary men and...
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I've just returned from a phenomenal three week book tour for DIRTY WORDS: A LITERARY ENCYCLOPEDIA OF SEX. I'll blog about that over the weekend but wanted to link to a guest blog I just did for The Debutante's Ball (a great website). Here's my post about Patriotism: a dirty word?  I'll also post...