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It had to be got rid of. Tough. It was tough. I’d need something hard. To break it. Or something sharp to break it open. I kept it atop a shelf. I thought about it. Did nothing. Days passed by. Months. Years. Yesterday. I brought it down. Dust. All I saw was dust. Not tough. Not unbreakable. I’...
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The dream began as I closed my eyes. We were standing together on a long path, arms linked like a bride and groom perched atop  a wedding cake. Waving to another couple who mirrored our pose, too far away to see clearly through the foggy mist that swirled around us. For one, brief moment...
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she walked on knives to gain a voice                                     I was There, Axel, Adrienne Rich     The...
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     A catchy title perhaps, but one I wish more people would give concern to. Let's look at the big picture:      What is one of the first things we think about when we think of history? "Wars" usually pops right out there doesn't it? Okay, how about today?...
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I received a letter of regret Some one disclosing me to let That he loved me a lot But the battle was lost   He was narrating about my appearance It looked beautiful with charm at once He missed the train and lost the golden chance How come it can be repeated and availed at once?   I...
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A Facebook friend posted that he has gone running for 425 days straight, logging in a whopping 4,463 miles. In response, his Japanese friend wrote this comment: 素晴らしい継続力ですね。Wonderful ability to stick to it! 素晴らしい (すばらしい: wonderful); 継続力 (けいぞくりょく: stick-to-it-ness) The word 継続力 arrested me, and...
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Self Portrait with Pen Let me try to explain. Horses struggling knee deep in mud, then up-beat, simple music, like a distant ice-cream truck. The sound of something hard and metal hitting something soft and wood, like a plow ramming a fence, or a Datsun hitting a forest of popsicle sticks. A...
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The Quest For Furniture continues. A sideboard is sought, along with ongoing hunt for the couch and some chairs. We have also added a lamp to the list. Is there a video game out there about this, this furniture hunting? Actually, doesn't it seem like a way to teach economics and critical thinking?...
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  House arrest, confinement to camps and detention All simple form of bondage in civil society you can mention Some known elements taken in custody when emergency is declared Otherwise it is curtailment of liberty when legal process is not cleared From pure religious point of view it is...
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A few years ago there was an outraged tempest about new cars' gas mileage. Many didn't get the mileage advertised. I'm one of those people. My car is supposed to be able to go 360 miles on a tank. It's never come close. I remember when ATMs came out. Oh, use ATMs, they're so much easier -- and they...