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Today’s guest Joanne DiMaggio was due to appear a few months back but due to unforeseen issues the show did not quite happen, so I was really looking forward to chatting.  Despite some connection problems at the start today’s show we managed not only to get through the show but learn much...
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My guest on today’s “A Book and a Chat” Concetta Bertoldi, has communicated with the "other side" since childhood. Like other children her imaginary play mates were initially blamed on an over active imagination. Her first significant memory was around the age of ten when one of her visitors told...
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I recently attended a concert that brought me face to face with the past. There were people in the audience that I had once called friends, in my former life. This spring I've been forced to enter the old establishments where I was once a contributing member. I usually  avoid the places...
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I don't know if any of you who are fans of Facebook have experienced this, but for me, Facebook is like looking at movie snippets of your past. Friends post pictures (that, of course, we have NO recollection of being taken) of us from the past doing things we used to do (and would never do now)...