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I'm almost done doing a developmental edit on a memoir. The feedback the writer had received from readers and agents was that the manuscript didn't "flow." I read the manuscript and sent it back to the writer with my suggestions, and she then sent it back to me corrected for a second...
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Read an e-book week continues. You can find mine at Smashwords, The Kindle Store, (click on the Kindle books link) and All Romance eBooks As I worked my way through my manuscript, culling crutch words and looking for weak (I refuse to say passive) writing, I couldn't help but consider books I've...
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 The invites have gone out, the welcoming letter sent, and the first lesson uploaded. If you are interested in learning about showing vs telling, when it's appropriate, when it's not, how to show deeper point of view, and when the various points of view are useful, how to change passivity in...