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It is a strange phenomenon: the human being who sits next to you at a dinner party and never asks one question about you.  I had this experience last night.  There were other people at the party who did engage in a more balanced exchange with me, but I was unfortunately seated for dinner near three...
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(special thanks to Ruby for her contributions) Somebody has to get away from the Jersey coast and right quick before that somebody ends up in a poorly lit rehab with a bunch of old fishermen and ex-Wendy’s employees.   I’m caged in this old house.  Caged, I tell you. And when I go out, a demon is...
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The plane is packed.  The overhead bins are full.  The woman next to me is coughing her lungs out.  Great.  I get to sit for nine hours next to someone with the flu or walking (flying) pneumonia. I snap on my seat belt, which is so ludicrous.  That seat belt is really going to help when we're...
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Blustery today, with that cold snap to the air.  I'm feeling autumn. This blog is blogless.  It has no direction.  It's blowing whichever way the wind blows. Outside, my Emperor Gong is gonging.  The chimes are chiming. I have a hangover from drinking too much wine and then topping it off with...