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  I couldn't live in Paris. Apart from the fact that I don't speak French, I just wouldn't be able to live my day to day there. It's too much for daily life. My senses would be lavished all the time. The food, the views, the art, the beautiful people, the monuments. My God, even a quaint...
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    The last time I went to Paris it was spring, and flower petals fell onto the sidewalks and streets making them pink and white and slick, waiting to be crushed beneath Italian Leather Boots and German sports cars and the bicycle tires of boys carrying bags of baguettes. English humor...
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Like Hemingway, I was lucky enough to live in Paris as a young man, 28 to be exact.  In fact, I thought about him a lot, trying to be like him and write in cafes.  The fiction I penned at the time was awful, I later saw, but I had to start somewhere. Of course, it was a romantic time,...
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(Updated January 10, 2013.) For more than nine hundred years, Paris has been one of the world’s foremost centers of learning, the arts, and international politics. This history, combined with the particularly French interest in chivalry and courtly love, have given the city the reputation of being...
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I love being in Paris for lots of reasons.....read more
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To celebrate Jennifer Niven's Becoming Clementine making her debut, her blog is taking a French state of mind. Ah, France! Home of Edith Piaf, french bread, croissants, french braids, viva la France! Oddly when I think of France, I think of the Happy Orphelines. You might be scratching your head,...