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He's so easy to despise. The way he treated the women in his life. Marianne Moore begins her poem, "Poetry," with, "I, too, dislike it." I can say the same for Henry, at his worst. But, you know, you can say that about nearly everyone at certain times of their lives. Certainly about me....
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I left pieces of myself in Paris. Some of them I won't miss, others I am finding as I start to unpack my bag that spent an extra day in the Detroit airport, but there is a piece of me that I'm not seeing anywhere.  I'm a little panicked because I need this piece,  it's essential to...
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I never feel more like a rat in a maze than I do in a Metro or subway system. Don't get me wrong, there's an energy.  So many different kinds of people moving en mass, all with different agendas, it's electric, but the the underground shuffle is a soulless place.  There's very little eye...
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Hemingway called Paris a "movable feast." I'm not really a Hemingway fan, but when he says, “If you are lucky enough to have lived in Paris … then wherever you go for the rest of your life, it stays with you, for Paris is a moveable feast,"  I have to agree. There is something about the city...
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It seems like planes shouldn't be able to fly. I'm not an engineer or plane designer, or whatever college major builds planes, but as a passenger I cross my fingers because it really looks a bit impossible. They are too big, too bulky, they rattle around at crazy speeds and then…glide as if they...
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While the weather was warmer in Louisiana...........  read more
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The Goncourt Brothers They were Edmond (1822-96) and Jules (1830-70). They lived and worked in Paris as writers. They were inseparable.   Their Journals, which they wrote together, are a delight to read, especially for a writer. They are chock-full of firsthand anecdotes about the era...
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There really have been few authors I have personally wanted to meet over the years. Mavis Gallant was one of them, even though I suspect I might not attain credibility in her eyes. I am a caring and careful - about the craft - writer, but she was precise. Exact. I admire both things mightily,...
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Thanks to the Red Room editors for matching me with Michele Zackheim as part of their “Author Matchmaking” series. For many years Michele was a visual artist exhibiting in museums and galleries, both in the United States and Europe. As she puts it, “Over time, random words began to appear on my...
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Andre Phillip-Hautecoeur is not a writer, or that is how he defines himself, he is simply a person who had an urge to share something with an audience and write something about Paris. This he explains during today’s "A Book and a Chat”. Paris is a city where romance, history, fantasy and...