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  When the phone rings at six PM nobody is delighted.  Or maybe it’s just me. The landline no less.  When my eleven year old returns from the kitchen, where she answered the phone against the sound advice of her much more worldly mother, I was even less delighted.   Any...
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This is the year, Daddy.  This is the year I will turn you inside out and twist your heart into a paper chain that is far too weak to hold me.   There will come a moment this year, Daddy, a moment when you’ll ask me for some little bitty simple thing – an agreement to come straight home after...
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Today is the first day of Autumn. It's my favorite time of year: my birthday, my favorite colors, the excitement of school beginning, a little nip in the air after the relentless heat of summer. Apples. Chestnuts. Persimmons. And, alas, election season. In this month's Red Diaper Dharma column...
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As we prepare for the last day of vacation before the new school year (in my family’s case for the beginning of high school) I’d like to say hats off to all the parents who have gotten through another summer without homicide, suicide, or patricide. To all the moms who didn’t fling fireplace tools...