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Do you ever create challenges for yourself just to learn something new? I do. As a writer, I set a new challenge for myself with each manuscript. In my two published medieval romantic suspense novels, I set a different challenge for each. I then enrolled in online classes to learn the craft to meet...
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The steady drone of Ruzahn’s voice seeped into the walls and flowed downward into the wooden floor beneath Danny Blue’s feet at the same time that it soaked and traveled through the ceiling.  For a moment, it caused him to lose his balance. He regained it with the poise of a relaxed surfer...
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Kelly just signed with kNight Romance Publishing for her new release Blood Harvest Moon.  Coming soon this is a seductive paranormal romance of witches, shape shifters, an evil curse and the war for immortality.  Blood Harvest Moon Coming Soon!    A sacrifice must be made....   Only a few days...
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We might, if you help me vote for the video trailer of The Book of Obeah. The video was recently entered into a short film contest sponsored by the Topanga Film Festival and the winner, chosen by popular vote, will receive a production package! The winning mod will be screened during the film...
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A new Struck review is posted over at The Writer's Chatroom book review blog. It was written by staff member and talented author Lisa Hazelton. Using descriptive and well-crafted prose, the author brings the reader back in time with an engaging look into the history of the Pueblo Indians. With...
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My first contest began moments ago when I sent out the Ho Ho Horror with Heart Contest Issue of my newsletter. I'm giving away a signed copy of Struck and an electronic copy of Dark Knowledge. AND there's potentially two bonus prize winners. The contest has begun and will end midnight December...