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Photo: book's cover, from beforeitsnews.com     If you like horror, and you like short stories, go get a copy of Dark Visions 1: A Collection of Modern Horror, an anthology of original short stories, edited by Anthony Rivera and Sharon Lawson.  It's available on Amazon, here....
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Boy, I'll tell ya. We have a thread entitled The Next Big Thing over at the AbsoluteWriter forum and it's a interesting foray into the crystal ball skill of predicting what the reading world will latch onto in 2014. We've run the gamut of everything to horror to New Adult. It is/was like...
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        Hawk Fae, Book 6       Sometimes doing a good deed can prove to be a disaster, Ena, dragon shifter fae, discovers as she must flee her home. But her staff chooses to go with her and deal with the dangers to reach the safety of the hawk fae kingdom, if the...
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Ah the wonders of indie publishing!  I've taken an old story, breathed some new life in it and re-published it for Amazon Kindle.  Take a look and grab your copy now for only 99 cents. http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00HN7JZ04 Only a few days from the Blood Harvest Moon a coven of witches must...
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A secretive society of powerful women practices deadly occult mysticm against its enemies. Now at Amazon Kindle.
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ABOUT GHOST SANCTUARY   Title: Ghost SanctuaryGenre: Non-fiction paranormal/occultAuthor: Becky JPublisher: AuthorHousePages: 166Language: EnglishISBN – 978-1-49180-336-3  Ghost Sanctuary is a factual accounting of a family’s struggle with ghosts living in their home. The...
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When I have a show and the guest does not turn up, I normally try to chat about them and their book not only so people get a little information about them, but also in case they have been delayed and might join the show all be it late. Today was one of those shows, as after a few minutes my guest...
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A spine chilling horror story. About Mayra Calvani Mayra Calvani writes fiction and nonfiction for children and adults and has authored over a dozen books, some of which have won awards. Her stories, reviews, interviews and articles have appeared on numerous publications such as The Writer,...
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IT'S A MONDAY!!!! I forget that Mondays roll around and well, sometimes, though, it's not Monday that's the problem. Sometimes it's Tuesday, that insists it's a Monday. Or it's Wednesday, or Thursday. You get the point, right? Some days several days can be a Monday. So today, was totally a...
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In Scepter of Salvation, Princess Talamaya’s sole job is to marry, when she’d love to go on some worthy adventures like her twin brother. And in the next story, Lady Mexia wants to be the first school-trained mage, but women are not allowed. Lady Kersta has her story next. But in the meantime,...