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My unions have a special message to impart, helping certain victims of Superstorm Sandy: PLEASE DONATE TODAY  The SAG Foundation, SAG Motion Picture Players Welfare Fund, and the AFTRA Foundation have come together to provide immediate support to active SAG-AFTRA members affected by...
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 Paramount Studios is celebrating its 100th birthday with a screening of the first Oscar-winning movie. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences will present a restored version of Wings on January 18th, complete with a live-music accompaniment by organist Clark Wilson. The...
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At what point does he stop telling you You look nice I like being told I look nice Very much. I'm looking out the window Past Paramount Studios on Melrose the glamour the glamorous How nice it is To be told You look nice Oh, this poem is no good. It rhymes, well, maybe not But it’s in my head And I...