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Get a jump on your Black Friday and holiday shopping and pre-order the brand new editions of the first two books in The Venus Trilogy – Conquering Venus and Remain In Light – today from Sibling Rivalry Press. The books are on sale for a special pre-order price of just $11....
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Yes, they call it erotica, and - yes - I am going to use the term outstrips, but still, the fact of the matter is that Fifty Shades Of Grey is now outselling Harry Potter in paperback. And doing it in a shorter period of time. In fact, it is the fastest selling paperback since records started...
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Quick, raise your hand if you don't remember Penguin Books. Remember, you might say, aren't they still around? Why, yes, they are. I was thinking of Penguin Books this week as I thought about paperbacks and Kindles and iPads. They have so much in common. As I think about writing, I think about...
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1) You can read a paperback in the bathtub. 2) You can swat a mosquito with a paperback. 3) If you’re reading in bed and fall asleep a paperback doesn’t chip your tooth. 4) While backpacking you can use the cover, introduction, and boring parts for kindling. (A Kindle doesn’t kindle...) 5) You can...
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Fabulous week. Seriously fantastic. It started with killerbyte's first birthday - then Lorenza's Soul Shifter CD arrived for Breezy. That was pretty damn special. The kids a HUGE fan of Lorenza's. (It all started when Breezy asked who the beautiful girl playing 'violet' was on the Bon Jovi Lost...
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Irish Bestselling Books May 2009 Mass Market Fiction Bestsellers May 2009 1. The Secret Scripture by Sebstian Barry 2. Angels and Demons by Dan Brown 3. The White Tiger by Aravind Adiga 4. The Business by M Cole 5. The Damned UTD by David Peace   Paperback Non Fiction Bestsellers 1. 4...