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The book shelves might not be groaning, but books themselves keep being written ... and read. I am not sure if there actually are fewer paper books, or if there are just fewer hard copies of each book. Readers are in a period of flux it is true, where one can chose to read off the page or off the...
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Pat Conroy and the e-book future   AP – In this undated publicity image released by Open Road Integrated Media, author Pat Conroy is shown at … By HILLEL ITALIE, AP National Writer Hillel Italie, Ap National Writer NEW YORK – Pat Conroy says he knows so little about e-books that he didn't...
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iPad's book-like touches may appeal to traditional readersApple's first tablet is bigger, more colorful and engages viewers in ways the Kindle doesn't. The iPad, top, measures data in pages and enables readers to turn pages. Readers can take notes on the Kindle, above. (Jay L. Clendenin / Los...
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With Select Apps, iPad Is More Than a Pretty Face Let’s set aside the question of whether you should get an iPad and suppose you already bought one last weekend. You probably floated home and loaded it with a few whiz-bang apps and maybe even passed it around to your friends. Enlarge This Image...