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 Today I was consumed with the idea that I needed a proper website for my sister's and my latest chapbook, Memento Mori. I thought it would be nice to showcase our several collaborations, but of course neither one of us wanted to pay for it. We tried out a couple of free web sites--the former...
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It's called Memento Mori. Don't groan--it's not all that dark. It's got plenty of gorgeous color, in fact, provided by Janet Snell's intriquing oil paintings, including the one on the cover. The bookend poems and the one at midpoint touch on her childhood obsession with lightning bugs, but not to...
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"The job of the artist is to uplift men's souls."  spoken by Nicoli Seroff in LOCAL COLOR, the movie now opening across the States
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Time for Something New? In the past couple of weeks, I’ve had the interesting task of itemizing everything in our home—toys, towels, tools—everything. It’s strange to account for the pieces of our family of five’s existence by the things we have around us in our home. Often, I thought, “This is it...
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 For the next few months of Sundays, I'll post scenes from my new novel, Rescuing Ranu, at http://shivasarms.blogspot.com   If multicultural fiction is not your cuppa, scroll down to take a sneak peek at my new poetry collection, a collaboration with my sister Janet-the-artist.  I'll leave it up...
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It isn't usually the case, when you walk into an art gallery, that you find the artist whose work is being exhibited on the softly lit walls sitting quietly nearby, nodding a welcome to you. But Nicholas Kirsten-Honshin had decided, that morning I visited Sedona, Arizona, to walk the two-and-a-half...
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  Here it is Valentine's Day, so I thought I'd give you a love story.  Of sorts.  It's true. After my sophomore year at the University of Denver, I returned to Minnesota to work for the summer, and one night I went to a party. On the way to find a beer, I'd felt a lump in the carpet and heard from...
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