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  Photo: BP icon, from its Wikipedia page.     I used to have a column in my college newspaper with the above title.  I didn't care much for the title--or, as it turns out, looking back, for my writing abilities--at the time.  And I don't care much for the title now,...
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An elderly WWII veteran in my neighborhood was on an Honor Flight to Washington, DC, in May 2010. This thank-you note was in his "Mail Call" envelope to read on the flight back home.   _____________________ Dear Morrie, A belated and sincere thank you for your willingness to serve your...
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     1983, 1984, and 1985 were the years I got to experience life on that largest of the Ryukyu islands south of mainland Japan and bordering the South China Sea. Upon my arrival there, it all seemed so exciting. So exciting, in fact, that the naive soldier within me decided to add an additional...
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The fresh perspective of an outsider-on-the-inside releases energy from all directions. What strikes us about a place — and may entice our fellow country-people – often does not resonate to the same degree with the average native. I was pleased to meet an expat woman entrepreneur on LinkedIn last...
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December 7, 1941, Cayucos, Central California I didn’t understand. I was only four. Unaware that my life was reversing, like the tide before me, I played on the beach. The sun brightened the cloudless sky, turning it a silvered winter blue, perfect for Sunday, Daddy’s day off. As he and Mom...
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We're on "vacation" at a beach of the Pacific Ocean. "Vacation" has come to mean much more work than "not vacation," so even though I had a lot of fun today, I'm still confused about this whole "vacation" thing. The water of the Northern California Pacific...