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Yesterday, my husband and I drove up to Oxford, the city famous for its spires... and academics who rig examination results for wealthy diplomats and then murder those who find out about it (yes, I do watch too much 'Inspector Morse'). The purpose of the visit was to add another Utamaro print to...
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Feminists and academics are ready for a pound of flesh and a slice of vice. It would be delicious but I am a bit chary about the intent however luscious be the execution. I do not quite understand what it means to be a ‘feminist porn filmmaker’. Mia Engberg is one lucky chick. She has received $69...
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I first decided to attend the British American Drama Academy at Oxford as an excuse to inspect a country that had inscrutably made its way in to my psyche. Post-punk music, Merchant Ivory films and Evelyn Waugh novels had ceased whispering and begun to scream at me. So had Gus Hardy, a still...
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Frontpaged in the NY Times today in an article by William J. Broad and Cornelia Dean is a comparison of the two presidential candidates' plans for renewing the United States as an innovation economy. Assuming that Obama will win the election, I think it is safe to say that America will return to a...