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SLIGHTLY OFF THE MARK               It wouldn’t be another year if we didn’t come across lists of new words, something I discussed when the year was new. But what about old words? Now I’ve also found a list of words that at least one...
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If you haven’t seen this already, Lake Supe­rior State Uni­ver­sity in Michi­gan has released its “Words to be Ban­ished from the Queen’s Eng­lish for Mis­use, Overuse and Gen­eral Use­less­ness” for the 38th year in a row. This year’s hit list: Fis...
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Yesterday I mentioned printing out your document in two columns, using a font different from the one you use to write your manuscript. The advantages: Your eye sees things differently. First, the line breaks will come at different places. This means the words line up differently, and things...
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We all have crutch words--those words that seem to crop up in a manuscript, edging out other, more useful or appropriate words. Some of them seem to be the equivalent of the spoken "um" merely vamping until thoughts coagulate. I have a list, but even after I cull my known offenders,...
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Want to waste some time? Go to Wordle and paste in something you’ve written. Wordle creates a word cloud displaying the words in your document according to how often you’ve used them. You can pick out any colors and fonts and layout you like. I’ve pasted the first chapter from Breaking the Silence...