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Oh the pain and pleasure of editing! Pretty much I have gotten stuck somewhere around chapter 7 which is 50 pages into the story. Now I know why I’m stuck, I have neglected important information that one of the characters needs in order to continue on. Well that is never a good thing and often...
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There has always been a reason to feel different.  When I was five we moved to Louisiana, and it was my strange Alabama accent--the way I said "niiiight".  When I was nine it was my light skin and freckles in a land of dark skinned beauties when we moved to India.  I was also left-handed...
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The Monday before Thanksgiving day, I ventured into a dark reality. It began that morning, after consulting with my insurance company on the coverage limitations for leaky roof repair costs and peaked a couple of hours later when I received an overdraft notice from my bank. Unsettled and...
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I was thinking about how Alice Walker once kept a sign over her office desk which would cause her some trouble later. It was to remind her about obstacles other writers had faced, and stared down: Woolf had madness, Eliot was ostracized, Austen had no privacy, the Brontes died young and dependent,...