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The Los Angeles Times was one of the finest newspapers in the world; the voice of the New West, a land of electoral votes, emerging trends and Pacific Rim power. In the Jim Murray era, they presided over the "sports capitol of the world." During Watergate, the Times maintained balance and in-depth...
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“I think Jim Murray saw California the way many outsiders do,” recalled his longtime friend, Los Angeles City Coulcilman Tom LaBonge. “Those of us who grow up here take it for granted. Others see this image, and they come out here, and they find it. The Rose Bowl, 90 degrees on New Year’s day, snow...
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Once Otis Chandler firmly affixed his imprimatur upon the Los Angeles, “it was like a comet in constant ascent, nothing but growth, bureaus opened, reporters hired, the world conquered, old friends alienated, new friends made,” wrote David Halberstam in The Powers That Be. The Times opened a San...
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Last night at USC,  I attended a panel discussion, “The Best of Times: Writing in the Age of the Internet,” moderated by author Gina Nahai (Caspian Rain).  The students in USC’s Master of Professional Writing Program, having honed their craft and about to graduate, wanted to know is there a job out...