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This is not my plan. Life is not going the way I expected. How many times a day do you find yourself thinking this? Sometimes it feels like my mantra. I find myself repeating it all day. Even a few days in a row. Then life changes.When I was a child I had a plan for my life. The only thing...
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An examination of an insular world is best described by an insider--especially one who's never felt she belonged in this world, yet was pinned to its dogmas and unbending religious fanaticism.  Deborah Feldman's difficult upbringing was clouded and severely compromised by the absence of her...
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Unlike my previous novels, set in places I had merely glimpsed, with characters that were entirely fictional—albeit quite alive in my own head—JERUSALEM MAIDEN was inspired by my grandmother and her untapped artistic genius. Born in Jerusalem, my grandmother Esther was an astonishingly gifted...
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I invite you to read my review of BJ Rosenfeld’s “The Chameleon in the Closet”: titled A Mother’s Love Versus Her Sons’ Religious Demands: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/carol-hoenig/a-mothers-love-versus-her_b_772859.html
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If I cannot express my loveAnd if the society prevents itThen to live on this Earth is how?I understand not even a bit Just to tell a girl my mindIf I am denied a chanceHer thought how can I find?Are young men useless pawns? If my emotions remain undisclosedAnd love for her is in heart lockedIf my...