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In  1956 the art historian Ernst Hans Gombrich delivered a series of Lectures in the National Gallery of Art in Washington DC; they are better known by the name Art And Illusion. Among other concepts,  Gombrich explains how in our mind we complete a picture through an “intellectual...
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  We tend to think of a brain as an organ, as something solid, monolithic, continuous.  But it's not.  A brain is not an organ but an organization of stand-alone neurons, a centralization of neurons. In my previous post, Neural Tribe Doctrine, I remind the reader of the so-called...
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On the 900-mile trek of mostly desert that stretches between Eritrea and Egypt, hunting for humans has become routine. Eritrean refugees who have fled their homeland fall prey to Bedouin or Egyptian traffickers. The refugees are held for ransom. Those with relatives abroad who can pay for their...
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Yesterday was the Toussaint, All Saints, the day people take chrysanthemums to the cemeteries in France, and tidy up the family graves. Unless of course they come from far away--say, Africa or Asia--and family graves are a thing of the past. In Venice the vaporettos to the island cemetery of San...