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Kesey's first book, ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO'S NEST, is written in a more relaxed traditional style, but he must have been on LSD too long when he wrote SOMETIMES A GREAT NOTION, because he's everywhere, even in a dog's head. (Tolstoy did that too. It's okay; I've been there too.) It all happens in...
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Capitol Murder, by Philip Margolin   image via goodreads.com I sometimes read this sort of pulp; it has many readers, and I often find myself wondering what I’ve missed.  Once again, I find I haven’t missed all that much. In such books, the characters are an inch deep, the prose is often...
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My little sister's partner just gave birth to their first baby. She's six weeks old. I have a daughter myself who will be 13 in April. I flew out to Portland, Ore., last week to see the new baby and to lend a hand. My sister is back at work now and her partner is home alone full-time with the...
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Just now the word has come in: Governor John Kitzhaber has stopped the execution of two time killer Gary Haugen. He is on the radio now, in tears, he is describing how our death penalty system is broken. It has been carried out twice in the past 49 years, both on Kitzbaber's watch.  He says...
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I was once embarrassed about liking beautiful things. In the midst of my teenage existential angst, fretting over appearances struck me as horribly shallow. And I was canyon deep, dang it! So that’s when I retreated to my Fortress of Solitude. It looked a lot like an alcove in the family basement...
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When I was young I had a special friend named Erik. He was a boy friend, not a boyfriend, but I loved him like family. The first time I ever met him, we were eleven years old and he was riding around our town lake on his bicycle, his wiry tanned legs pushing the pedals through the Oregon dust with...
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I'm sharing some photos my son took recently on a trip to the Oregon Coast. Thinking of incorporating one into my next cover.  Pop over to my blog if you'd like to see some gorgeous views. 
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Pubished in 1963, SAGN was Ken Kesey's second book. He must have written chunks of it while on LSD, because of the herky-jerky wildness of some passages. (At Standford in 1959, he was paid by the CIA to experiment with LSD.) (Leland) "Can I possibly go back and wrest from my past some...
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I am sitting in a leather chair. A fire burning in small wood stove. I have a cup of coffee beside me, and to my right is a view of the big and bountiful southern Oregon Coast. It is raining out, which is perfect as I  prepare for tonight’s keynote speech at the South Coast Writers Conference in...