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The older I get, the more I believe we live a life of self-fulfilling prophecies.  I grew up with grandparents who used to quote from the old version of the King James Bible (Proverbs 23:7):  “As you think, so shall ye be.” I thought the idea was a bunch of hooey at the time. More and...
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  October 23   WAITING FOR THE RECOVERY OF OTHERS     I sit on my hands and wait for these bright pennies to earn the lessons of time.  I dance my little dance and move on, dropping the pretense of patience.  I search other forests, fields, and meetings and encounter...
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  The drive to achieve extraordinary results in every aspect of organizational functioning can potentially drag executives into the “weeds” of being too involved in too many details of every day functioning of employees experience creating the Pygmalion affect for diminished workforce efficacy...