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Final Weekend of Santa Cruz County Open Studios, 11 AM - 6 PM, Oct. 24-25. See sampling of Susana Arias' stand-out work, attached - Gloria's Drum. For more, visit Susana online.  Or, email: susana@cruzio.com  Quick background on this artist: 2523 A Mission St. Santa Cruz, California831.423.7910...
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Cover art for UNLEASHED: THE DOGS IN MY LIFE, a book-length celebration of dogs and dogginess. At the heart of the work (still in progress) is the question, What does it mean to be a dog in 21st Century America, 15,000 years after these animals (canis lupus familiaris, a subspecies of the gray woof...
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Visit with Gloria Alford to Carmel (2.20.09), American Art Gallery. Gloria became a mixed media artist by default. In the 1970s, refused admittance into a Graduate Art Program, she enrolled instead in a Home Economics course where she learned printmaking. But on cloth, not paper. She went on to use...
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Oct. 2, day before her 80th birthday, G. on her way to York Gallery to pick up newly framed paintings for Santa Cruz' annual Open Studio event, gets slammed into by a truck, which demolishes, totally demolishes! entire front portion of our Honda Accord. All plans for Open Studio get put aside to...