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How cool are the Olympic Games? I'll go ahead and answer that, but in terms my kids would use. They're wicked hella filthy sick. Which means really cool. For ninety-nine percent of the participants, it's the one opportunity every one-thousand-four-hundred-and-sixty days to step from the shadows...
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"What's that sound?" he asked, trying not to incite panic. As he accelerated past the tractor trailer, he'd felt a slight shimmying in the normally smoothly spinning front axle of his dented blue minivan. Ever the confident and highly attuned navigator, his wife had incorrectly assessed this...
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      Paul E. Mann Dad: I haven't spoken with you in so long. Things are such a mess. And I need your help. I seem to be crying too much, feeling overwhelmed and broken. I don't really think anyone cares about me. Everyone will say they do...but they don't. Not in a real way. Not in a...