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  I’m always up for a challenge, so I was very pleased when my bloggerverse friend, Imelda Evans, tagged me on Twitter. I’m not typically a word-sketcher. I don’t take my notebook and sit in the back corner of a coffeehouse, looking cool, writing down random nonsense. If I were though, I know...
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    Firstly, allow me to apologize for boring many of you with the following piece, but I’ve seen many other Internet writers and self-publishers post summaries of their achievements, providing statistics to illustrate. Those of you walking the same path I am may find my experiences,...
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[Another version of this piece can be found at my official web page, A Curious Man. Thanks for reading!] As of this writing, an essay I posted here in February 2011 about character actor Lee Van Cleef has received 255 unique page views, number one of all the 100-plus articles I’ve placed on Blogger...
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In February I took a post as the San Francisco Poetry Examiner at www.examiner.com. The site is always looking for writers with special interests or communities that they are involved in, so that they may report on activities and events, etc. It's hardly a paying gig, but it has allowed me to...