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Novelist Philip Roth at reading table. (photo by James Nachtwey)    In his September 7, 2012, “Open Letter to Wikipedia,” acclaimed author Philip Roth made an appeal to the editors of Wikipedia. Posted in his blog for The New Yorker, he asked them to correct a statement he identified as...
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 The latest blog entry is about current world events, and how current wolds events illustrate the advantages and disadvantages of online medai.  Including: Egypt, Libya, etc.       Blog Entry: World Events Illustrate Advantages And Disadvantages Of Online Media    
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It’s a beautiful morning! Sun is streaming through the front windows and door. The dogs have finally settled at my feet after breakfast and their morning romp through the house. I’m thinking about writing and an age-old problem: When do you find the time? Nearly all of my clients struggle with this...
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Had a great time at the party Saturday for the launch of my new book, Navigating the Rough Waters of Today’s Publishing World, Critical Advice for Writers from Industry Insiders. Despite a bit of a breeze, it was warm and sunny in the Santa Ynez Valley. (See photos here.) Thanks go to our hosts,...
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Left for dead, and hung out to dry... by the Alternative Mainstream Media: Okay, it's not like I don't have better things to do now than belly wail. I sure can use a shower, but there's something I need to get off my chest. When I was having a hard time getting an article I wrote, "Remember...
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On Tuesday afternoon, I was lucky enough to weasel my way onto a panel at Stanford on the future of online video. It was an impressive group of heavyweights in the field and I was easily the least informed and the closest to journalism's Pleistocene period. The program was run by Beet.TV founder...