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  A familiar figure ahead on the road. Strong calves. Vee-shaped back. A quick pedal turnover on his black hybrid bike. I recognized my old friend Pete, a high school cross country teammate, pedaling out of town headed who knows where. It was 5:00 on a Sunday. Light was getting dim due to a...
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A telling tale of the writer's journey. Late in the novel, there's a reference to a Ward Wellington Ward house on Euclid Avenue in Syracuse, NY; I was sufficiently curious to email Wolff at Stanford to 1) tell him how much I enjoyed the novel and 2) to ask him whether the house in...
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Readers, of course, want the story, they want the author to get on base.  They don't care if it's a Texas-leaguer, one of those balls that bloop over the infielder's heads; a long single, left, right, or buzzing by the pitcher's head; a base on balls; or even if the writer gets hit by a pitch, they...