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     Measuring 67 miles in length and 12 miles in width at it's longest and widest places, Okinawa, Japan was my home for 30 months, beginning in May of 1983. I find myself often reflecting back to that world that was experienced by young soldier in the US Army.   ...
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Thinking about Okinawa the other day. I was stationed there in the early 80s, on Kadena Air Force Base. We lived off base for the first two plus years. Our apartment building was small, just outside one of the secondary gates, close to the shopping district. The building owner and his family lived...
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       It was the Christmas of 1984. I'd been away from Orwell, Vermont for a year. The town I called home was over 12,000 miles away and Christmas day was growing nearer. As a young soldier, not having gained enough rank to be making much money at the time, I was limited in what I could do...
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I find it extraordinary that Mike Mullen, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, repeats the tea-partiers' claim that the greatest threat to our nation is its national debt, meaning that we must kill all programs conservatives don't like, including Social Security.    I find it remarkable that...
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     1983, 1984, and 1985 were the years I got to experience life on that largest of the Ryukyu islands south of mainland Japan and bordering the South China Sea. Upon my arrival there, it all seemed so exciting. So exciting, in fact, that the naive soldier within me decided to add an additional...
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     If you've never felt like a bug on a body of water, experience the grasp of a rip-tide. No....on second thought, don't do that.      The year was 1984. That date was November 14th. The place was Okinawa, Japan. How could I remember? Well, for one thing I wrote it into my Jim Fixx Running Log...