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When Bay Area poets Robert Hass, Brenda Hillman, and Geoffery G. O'Brien were beaten by police during a peaceful protest at Occupy Berkeley, the answer to the question the headline poses was answered in dramatic fashion. The news spread quickly in the poetry community. We were astonished, horrified...
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On the way to my first March on Wall Street in San Francisco, I ask a cop for directions. “Excuse me, do you know the way to the Federal Reserve?” With all the ruckus over Occupy Oakland across the bay, I wonder if he might arrest me preemptively. Instead, he gives me directions, although I end up...
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Whenever the election cycle starts up, some people tell us that they feel that they have no choice but ”to hold their noses” and vote for the “lesser evil,” by which they usually mean the Democratic candidate (although there’s a right-wing version of this in which they choose the Republican...
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  Using my little smarty pants phone, I found Occupy Seattle.  Being technically advanced, the Seattleites made their website quite clear.  They, too, were marching.    In fact, they were taking a bridge, too, but at the convenient time of 3PM.  Again, not knowing the...
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Contrary to most people’s understanding, real political power does not principally exist either by the vehicle of voting or through the publicly displayed actions of the existing political institutions such as Congress and the White House. Real political power actually rests upon two bases:...
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  Unfortunately, I arrived in Portland around midnight heading into the second day after they'd been evacuated from the park.  Using the Internet, I knew they were holding a meeting indoors the following night, but I didn't know where I was, exactly, to know where the assembly was,...
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No Place for the Little Lyric / Poetry Off the Shelf : The Poetry Foundation [click here] No Place for the Little Lyric @ The Poetry Foundation Should Adrienne Rich be the poet laureate of the Occupy movement?
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The American Dream, as everyone knows, is that if you work hard, play by the rules, and persevere, that you will have a comfortable life for you and your family: (what used to be described as) the house with a white picket fence, 2.5 children, a chicken in the pot, and a Winnebago. What is the...
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The line stretched around the block. Men in workboots and straw hats. Women in mismatched clothing. Children playing with one another between families. Wheelchairs. Walkers. Hmong, Hispanic, African-American, white, all stood in line for hours today to pick up a free holiday turkey from our local...
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Most people with a Facebook account or one eye on the Internet have by now seen the infamous and viral-in-nothing-flat video of campus police officer Lt. John Pike pepper-spraying non-violent, silent protestors sitting on the ground at the University of California at Davis. Pike, a swaggering...