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During this day, Macresarf1 began to gather his thoughts for a diary/journal covering what will no doubt be a crucial year in the life of his family and in the history of his nation.  What would be left 350 days from now? The end of 2011 had been hard.  Illness was abroad in his family....
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I was at Occupy LA (OLA) yesterday for seven and a half hours. I stayed until about 9:30 pm and had to leave, but up to that time I would estimate there were well over 2,000 people on site, with roughly 80% or more of the people being in their twenties. The police helicopters (“pigs can fly”)...
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I am not a wealthy woman.  I work for a non-profit, so by choosing to work for cause over commerce I already accept a reduction of my earning potential by accepting that any discretionary dollars in our organization are deeded to mission rather than paychecks.  It is also a fairly well-...
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The UC Davis police’s use of pepper spray a few days ago upon quietly sitting students (including holding students' mouths open and shooting the spray down their throats, producing repeated vomiting) is one of the latest examples of many of police use of excessive and unnecessary force against non-...
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An invitation to submit "Occupy" -themed poetry, and my lamenting response: "The 'Occupy Poetry' page and site on Facebook is actually the poets front taking action for change and poetry readers and fans of all kinds who support this quiet revolution. Please publish your poems and like it https...
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            What is it about the Occupy Wall Street movement?  How has a series of formless, anarchic street parties gone viral and spread all over America, all over the world?  They don’t seem to have a plan, nobody knows exactly...