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All structures…foundations...all pillars of faith….in other words, all beliefs are uncertain, temporary, and they are not…I repeat…they are not the source of authentic faith… …if authentic faith is what you seek.  Faith is authentic…genuine…most real…when it has nothing upon which to stand....
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So, first - Rotten Tomato lists forty-eight movies due out in January. Thirty-two movies are due to be released in February. March is offering forty-two movie openings, twenty-two in April. Don't feel too sorry for April;  it's early. I saw trailers for nine movies while attending two movies,...
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This is the blog of a struggling writer, not a well established, previously published, my book tour is so hectic blog.  Rather, it's a place for me (see name above) to write about my process of being a struggling writer in all its glory, gory details.  The plethora of MFA programs has made my...