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Can a fashion image have the longevity of art? Fashion, by nature, is ephemeral. What we call timeless fashion is regurgitation of trends in spurts to hold on to something that might be termed, fashionably, antique. The pictures in “Different Distances: Fashion Photography Goes Art", an exhibition...
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He still sells. Anger sells. It has buyers. However, are they "Nazi lovers"? A bit simplistic.  You must have already read about the JC Penney tea kettle that looks like Hitler and the reactions to it. They were forced to remove a billboard, but the damage, or publicity, had been done.  Those who...
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Would you buy a Monet or a Degas while looking through bedsheets and curtain rods? Is art not as much about living? Costco has once again started selling original works. Listed under ‘Fine Art’ in the Home and Décor section, its supplier Greg Moors has justified it with the “art for everybody”...
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  I’ll peel off my clothes protest with you cup my breasts let the collar bone stand out defy defy defy   (This is a response to 'My body, my choice': Exiled Iranian women pose nude for video in protest against sexual oppression in their native country. The video hopes to boost sales of...
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No strings to pull. It is a puppet made of wood, limbs designed for robotic movement. You pull a stick and make it walk or raise its hands. Unlike string puppets that hop and skip, or palm puppets that are stuck to the owners, the wooden puppet has no desire to tell a story.  The other day, I...
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When you walk in the sun, no matter how hot, remember the winter that's been.  -daw
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There were crumbs on the plate, more than crumbs. I threw them away. The nail varnish on my toes is chipped; the wild violet is now a bruise. The mirror has been half-cleaned and looks like a distorted image of itself. I snipped off the bottoms of my loose slacks since it is so warm in...
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The battle’s between the rear and the mouth. Pippa Middleton is now known only in hindsight, or as hind site. Ridiculous as it may seem, the new Duchess of Cambridge’s sister has an Ass Appreciation Society that boasts over 200,000 members dedicated to her. They will celebrate her ‘day’...
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Cross-legged on the floor, I paused for breath. To breathe into what I was discarding. It was one more time to get rid of things. It started with clothes, some stiffened at the crease as though they had forgotten to live. I was too frightened to touch what had draped me once. I...
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The Best Thing I Have Found We don’t find objects – they find us. The trajectory of our life intersects in some way with the object in question and there we are, at that providential moment, bending down to ‘find’ it. Sometimes bending is not necessary and ‘walking by’ is all it takes.   That is...