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Why can't they just leave women's body hair alone? From Cameron Diaz to American Apparel, they are being intrusive.  To think that the Hollywood star has discovered feminism via down under is a bit much. She is selling her book, and just like propping up the smooth skin is a big ticket there is a...
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  I had the opportunity to see documentary Wonder Women! The Untold Story of American Superheroines  recently. The film provides a history of superheroines, beginning with Wonder Woman, overlaid with a history of women in American culture and women’s rights during the same...
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In order to break the cycle of girls growing into women who see their worth in terms of image, we need to talk to them about what really makes them beautiful. Read more about author Lisa Bloom’s advice to women about talking to girls on my Living in the Heartland blog.
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  Unless you're someone who avidly avoids advertisements, you've probably seen some ads for the upcoming American film adaptation of Stieg Larsson's "The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo." The film's protagonist, Lisbeth Salander (played by Rooney Mara), is a strong female character and...
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What's all the noise about a bit of leg and Newsweek using her picture from Runners World on their cover? It just gives her a boost. She looks fit, young, and ready to take on any call…two Blackberries in the hand are worth a few thousand in a jam! The sob story-tellers aver, "It’s more like a...
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I did not expect her to win. The underdog has to remain one for a bit longer. That is what makes it charming and believable. We are in the business of 'make-believe', right? Let me draw your attention to a similar Bollywood story. The angelic voice, a burnt face. We are talking about the...
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Why is Ms. Palin being made out to be a bimbo when everyone else is in the process of selling themselves as well? Had I been a US citizen it is most certain that I would not vote Republican, but I find the treatment given out to Sarah quite distasteful. How many American feminists have raised...